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How To Care For Your Pavers

Pavers are a popular choice for walkways, driveways, retaining walls, patio, or pool surrounds for their style and good looks. While pavers are strong and durable, they are subject to day-to-day wear and tear as well as occasional staining which can ruin the original look of your paving. A driveway might get stained with oils, dirt, and grime over the years, a walkway and any other kind of paving might lose its lustre over time, and a pool surround might appear dull and grungy with repeated water spills on it. No matter how well the pavers are laid, or the quality of the pavers, all pavers require some basic maintenance to keep them looking their best. If cleaned routinely and repaired quickly whenever needed, pavers can give you the best appearance for their lifetime.

We are often asked the best way to care for pavers. Our response is 'prevention is better than cure'. Sweep your pavers regularly with a stiff bristled broom to keep them free from debris, and attempt to clean any stain before it hardens or dries up.

caring for your pavers

If you already have stains on your pavers, then the simplest and safest way to clean your paving is to scrub it with soapy water. Some people will swear that hot soapy water is more effective than cold, but any soapy water will do. You can use wash-up liquid or an acid-free soap-based floor cleaning product. Depending on how stubborn the dirt is you may need to repeat this process more than once.

Steam Cleaning is not often used because it is slow. However, it can sometimes help remove deep-seated soiling, softening oily, greasy or tarry deposits and for killing mould or algae on damp surfaces.

Remove stubborn dirt with a low pressure washer. Ensure to use a fan spray rather than a small nozzle, as a direct spray may damage the surface, allowing more dirt and grime to become embedded in the stone. Once finished sweep a little additional sand over the pavers with a broom to replace any sand that has been removed by the pressure washer.

For maximum protection we recommend sealing concrete pavers after installation with a penetrating sealer. Here at City Pavers we use Topseal. Topseal produces a hard wearing finish that penetrates below the surface. It not only protects against stains but will enhance the natural colour of your pavers. Another great feature of this product is the reduction in surface moisture which in turn reduces the likelihood of moss, weed, fungus and mildew growth. Topseal comes in and easy one pot formulation and is not only fast drying but easy to re-coat. Topseal can last up to 5 years under light traffic conditions.