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Benefits of Sealed Pavers

Sealed pavers are protected

When you seal your pavers, you gain a hard-wearing finish that protects the life of your pavers by making them easier to maintain and reducing wear and tear. Both new and existing pavers that have already been laid will benefit from being sealed.

Sealing is effective because a co-polymer sealant protects the paver below its outer surface. This means that the protection sealing offers is long lasting and highly effective as it prevents moisture, dirt and other contaminanants being absorbed deep into the porous stone or cement, as water and moisture run off a sealed paver rather than being able to penetrate the surface.

Sealed pavers are also stain resistant, and this ensures they aren’t affected by spillages, leakages and other stains;

  • in outdoor entertainment areas, your pavers don’t get stained by fat and grease from the barbecue, dropped food, chewing gum or spilled drinks
  • paved driveways don’t have their appearance ruined by leaking oil and tyre marks
  • pathways, patios, decks, verandahs and other exterior areas that receive a lot of foot traffic aren’t disfigured by having mud and dirt ground into them through constant use

In addition, sealing your pavers improves their structural integrity as it also enhances the durability of the jointing sand by slowing down the natural erosion rate. This is especially important if you have pavers in areas around the home that are exposed frequently to water or are washed regularly. This added durability makes your pavers more resistant to extreme weather and longer lasting, meaning they can continue to provide even, flat surfaces around the home which creates a safer environment as well.

Sealed pavers look great

Sealed pavers look great and so they also enhance the kerb appeal of your home. Even if your pavers have been down for some time, if they are sealed they will remain in good condition both structurally and visually for much longer, making a more attractive proposition should you be looking to sell or rent your home out, or you just want to keep your property looking at its best.

It’s also easy to maintain this look. Because water and dirt, mud and grease aren’t able to penetrate the surface of sealed pavers, they are easy to clean and maintain with simple washing or sweeping. Keeping them looking good is therefore easy to do on a regular basis, which will ensure that they retain their appearance for much longer.

Additionally, sealing your pavers also makes their natural colour appear more intense. However,  the sealing agent is clear and does not become yellow as a result of continued exposure to sunlight, so pavers that are coated with sealant retain their appearance for much longer as colour fade in the hot Adelaide sun is slowed down. Therefore, despite being exposed to the elements, wear and tear, foot traffic and being driven over, sealed pavers continue to look great for much longer than untreated pavers.

A further benefit is that because there is a reduced build up of surface moisture on sealed pavers, there is less growth and build up of moss, fungus, mildew and weeds, while there is also less chance of ant and insect infestation in the jointing sand between the pavers.

Sealed pavers come in different styles

There is a range of sealants available for your pavers to help to create different looks and to achieve a variety of effects, including non-slip, semi-gloss and gloss. The sealant that is right for you will depend on the variety of stone, brick or cement that your pavers are made from, as well as where they are located e.g., on a driveway, a garden path, around a swimming pool, an outdoor living area, etc. 

What types of pavers benefit from sealing?

Sealing benefits a variety of paver styles, produced from all types of materials. This includes pavers made from brick, cement, limestone and natural stone.